Digital Citizenship Policy

We are in the process of developing our school’s digital citizenship policy. This policy will outline the expectations and guidelines for participation in technology based experiences at Octagon Pond Area School. When it is completed we will share it with the entire school community. In the interim, we would like for parents to discuss with their children the following expectations when using personally owned devices (tablets/cell phones) during the school day:

-devices will be stored in the student’s locker and remain off during instructional times unless being used in a teacher directed activity.

-devices with wireless access are only to be activated when instructed by the teacher.

-devices must be stored during outside play and lunch eating times.

-camera and other recording capabilities are to be used only under the direction of a teacher with the prior consent of all parties involved.

-no inappropriate content may be stored or accessed on devices during the school day.

-students may only use the internet under the supervision of a teacher.

-phone calls should be made using the school office phone.

-the school is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen devices.

-privileges associated with technology may be removed if these expectations are not followed.