School Lunch Information for Parents

Registration for the School Lunch Program is now open on the school lunch association website at  Parents must register their children before they are able to participate in the lunch program.

Parents have to register each year for the program. All parent accounts are cleaned from their system, in June of each year. As a result, last year’s login information will no longer work.

First school lunch meal service will be September 28th with the menu orders taking place from Sept 12th - Sept 15th

Paper copies of the school lunch menu envelopes are delivered each month to our school (arranged by class). For the first month, students who need a paper copy will have to request one from their teacher. We encourage all parents to order online when possible, as it greatly reduces the workload for the staff at the School Lunch Association and ensures that lunch information is up-to-date for all students.

Further information on the school lunch program can be found on their website