OPE Literacy Days

Wednesday, January 25 is Family World Literacy Day.  This is a national initiative that promotes reading and learning together.  As a school community, we are recognizing this day with some fun-filled Literacy days! Below is a list of activities that your child will be participating in.

Tuesday, January 24

Book in a bag – Each student will be given a brown paper bag.  Using their favorite book as inspiration, students are asked to put their favorite book in the bag.  Students are also asked to put 2-3 items in the bag that help represent their book.  These items can be drawings, pictures, objects, stickers, Lego creations, Play-Doh sculptures, etc.  Students will present their “Book-in-a-bag” to their classmates.  Please practice at home, having your child name their book, what it was about, why they chose it, and what objects they chose to represent it.

Wednesday, January 25

Book Drive – Each child is asked to bring in a book that they are finished using and give it to their teacher by Friday, January 20.  They will not get this book back.  On Wednesday, January 25, all these books will be displayed and students will get to “go shopping” and pick out a new book.  It’s a great bit of fun and each child will go home with a “new” book!

Round Robin Writing – Each class will have an opportunity to add a few sentences to a school wide written story.  At the end of the day, the administration will read our story over the P.A.

Book-nic – Please send your child to school with a peanut-free snack and a book that they enjoy reading.  Teachers will create a time for the students to have a book-nic and enjoy their books and snacks.

Thursday, January 26

Poem in a Pocket – Primary students are asked to bring a poem that they have practiced reading at home to share with their class.  Elementary students will be asked to recite their poem for their class.

Twilight Thursday - Students are invited to wear their PJs and bring a flashlight to school.  Throughout the day, the teachers will dim the lights and students can read some books using their flashlight.  A snack of a Rice Krispie cookie and milk will be provided to each child.  If you choose to provide an alternate snack to your child, please send it to school on this day.

Thank you for your participation in making our Literacy Week special for the students!