Happy New Year to you all and we would like to welcome you back to our second KinderStart session on Friday, February 9 at 9:30-11:30. Below is a break down on what is happening that day:

Parents will go to the kindergarten classrooms at 9:15. Your child will be in the same room as session #1. We will have the names of students posted on the door of each classroom as a reminder. Students will have sessions on bringing the outdoors in and healthy living.

Once your child is settled in their classroom, you can make your way to the library where you will receive presentations on the following topics:

 Play and Exploration

Early Literacy and Numeracy

Building Early Literacy skills

It is our intention that these presentations will be a hands-on experience. We ask parents to be ready to explore and to use your imagination with the planned activities. Of course, because we will be together for approximately two hours we will be breaking to have a bite to eat. The school will be providing coffee, tea and snacks. We are asking parents if they want to contribute to our "mug up" feel free to bring in a dish of your choice to share with all our parents attending KinderStart. If you do choose to bring something to the school please be aware of our allergies ( all fish and shellfish food products, all nut products, peanuts including peanut butter and all peanut butter products, kiwi, latex and eggs).

There will be NO classes for Kindergarten on this day!