OPE Grades 1-3 Students Present: Christmas on Candy Cane Lane!

Our Grades 1-3 students will be performing in our Christmas concert, Christmas on Candy Cane Lane, on Wednesday and Thursday, December 12-13, 2018. Below is the listing of classes for each night.

Wednesday, December 12:                 Thursday, December 13:

Gr. 1 Tilley                                                  Gr. 1 Greening

Gr. 2 Chaulk                                               Gr. 1 Barnes

Gr. 2 Kendall                                              Gr. 1 Squires

Gr. 2 Collier                                                Gr. 3 Davis

Gr. 2 Pike                                                    Gr. 3 Humby                    

Gr. 3 Johns

Three tickets will be available for each child. The concert will be presented in our school gymnasium. The price of each ticket is $5.00 and these can be purchased through the main office beginning Monday, November 26th. If you have more than one child performing in the Christmas concert and you have to attend both nights you will only be expected to purchase tickets once.

For memo regarding costumes and tickets, please click HERE!