School Council

IMPORTANT: Click to download the Parent Rep Nomination Form for the 2017-2018 School Year

How does the Octagon Pond Elementary School Council work?

The Octagon Pond Elementary School Council operates under the guidelines of the Eastern School District.  The purpose of the School Council is to develop, encourage, and promote policies, practices and activities which will enhance the quality of school programs and the level of student achievement in the school.

The School Council meets regularly engaging in a number of valuable initiatives on behalf of the school. 

The School Council has been a positive force in bringing school, parents, and the community together for a common purpose.  We look forward to the continued support and leadership of the School Council in years to come.

There are usually 8 meetings scheduled per year and are held at the school.  All regular school council meetings are open to the public.  Check your child's monthly calendar for the date and time each month.  Should you wish to have an issue considered by the school council please contact any of the council members.

The following link will provide you with the School Council Handbook. This handbook is a resource outlining the purpose and function of a school council.

School Council Members

Parent Representatives
School Council Chair Chris Hendry
Parent Rep Jennifer Fleming
Parent Rep Lisa Skinner
Teacher Representatives
Assistant Principal Nancy Healey
Grade 5 Sarah Costello
Community Representatives
Town of Paradise Paul Dinn
Sobeys Michelle Snow
Kirk Smith

School Council Minutes

September 2016
October 2016
November 2016

Archived School Council Minutes

2015-2016 School Council Minutes